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New Coach at JSF

Welcome Meredith Gray to the Jeremy Scott Fitness team starting mid June 2024. Meredith Gray, B.S. NASM CPT  Meredith is a fitness professional from North Carolina with a passion for movement and nutrition. She has been a coach for 6 years and believes in using movement as a tool for a stronger body AND mind. […]

Time Goes Fast For Us All…..

Time goes fast for us all….   How many times have you said, “I can’t believe it’s already (insert time of year)   Think about it …..our lives are so accelerated these days.   Never ending emails, phone calls, social media the rat race is as fast and demanding today as it’s ever been with […]

11 Speed & Agility Ladder Drills

11 Speed & Agility Ladder Drills for Fat Loss with Jeremy Scott Fitness One of my favorite all-time training tools is the speed ladder. Many of you are familiar with it or have at least seen this funky ladder lying on the floor at training facilities all over the place. I will dive into the […]

15 Fitness Tips for 2015

~ 15 Fitness Tips for 2015 ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness  If you are looking to make a change, or simply stay on the path to health success we suggest following these 15 quick tips to start off 2015 with a bang!  Your training program and “diet” do not have an expiration date. Seek out something […]