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Perfect Form Workshop – Jeremy Scott Fitness

PERFECT FORM SERIES with JEREMY SCOTT FITNESS Saturday May 19th at 10am  Perfect Form Workshop Are you wondering if you are doing things correctly 100% of the time?  Do you feel that you need more time perfecting your form?  If you are wondering about any of these questions then this is perfect for YOU!!!! Who:         […]

Eazy Ezekiel – Your Best Bread Choice – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Everybody loves bread, sandwiches, toast, buns, muffins; the list goes on and on. Now most of us also know eating bread daily and in excess is probably not the best idea for our waist line and overall body composition.  I understand the people reading this don’t want to give up bread, cereal, and pasta for […]

NPC Powerhouse Classic – Jeremy Scott Prolab Sponsored Athlete

Recently I took a trip to Detroit to compete in the 2012 NPC Simmons Peckham Powerhouse Classic. My Mother has never seen me on stage before so I thought it would be a nice trip to take.Overall it was a great time, had a chance to visit some family meet some new friends, eat some […]

BILT by Agassi & Reyes with Jeremy Scott Fitness

A few weeks ago Dave and I had the opportunity to work at IHRSA in Los Angeles; CA. IHRSA’s a world renowned event that draws thousands of fitness professionals for four days of education and networking opportunities – not to mention the biggest equipment expo I have ever seen – any and everything fitness related is […]

2012 Transformation Contest Winners – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Ok guys without further delay we are announcing the winners of the 2012 Jeremy Scott Fitness Transformation Contest!!!! This is the 2nd year we have put on this rock star event, and let me say it was very, very difficult picking the winners. So many of you put in a kick ass effort and did […]

Our Favorite Cheat Meals – Jeremy Scott Fitness

If you couldn’t tell by my recent emails, I have been hungry lately gearing up to take the stage at the NPC Powerhouse Classic in Michigan this weekend, my diet has become very restricted and I have food on the brain. As I write this it’s only making me want to grab some food more […]

Jason Ellis: Jeremy Scott Fitness

This past Christmas Holiday I had the opportunity to work with one of the best in the fitness business, Jason Ellis of Jason Ellis Photography. I took a little family vacation over the holiday to Newport Beach CA, for a little work and relaxation time.   Jason has worked with everyone under the sun in […]

Beta Alanine Benefits – Jeremy Scott Prolab Sponsored Athlete

Hey guys I have been getting a lot of questions via email about some of the photos of supplements I have been posting on facebook, so I thought I would share my thoughts on Beta Alanine so you can see if it’s right for you to try in your fitness routine. What is Beta Alanine? Beta Alanine […]

Jeremy Scott – Prolab Athlete – www.jeremyscottfitness.com

Starting off 2012 Jeremy Scott Fitness has some amazing things coming your way! I wanted to start off the 1st official blog of 2012 with a bang, and announce as of this morning I am proud to say I am an official sponsored Athlete with Prolab Nutrition! I am very excited and humbled to be […]

10 Training Rules to Live By – Jeremy Scott Fitness

10 Training Rules to Run your Fitness Life By – Jeremy Scott Fitness www.jeremyscottfitness.com Pick up and lift heavy shit at least 2 days per week, stronger people not only tend to perform better and look like rock stars, but they are also more  useful when it comes to moving furniture. Always–question, ask, study, and try new […]