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Susan Brady – Transformation – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys I wanted to share a quick little interview Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete Susan Brady did for Calorie Coach, checkout here story here and see her kick ass journey from our of shape to fitness rock star!!!!!! 1. Tell Us a Little About Yourself I am a 46 year old mother of a 7 […]

Jay Meade – JSF Member of The Month – Jeremy Scott Fitness

 Jeremy Scott Fitness Member of The Month Jay Meade Where are you originally from? I grew up on the coast of Maine, went to college in New York, lived in Colorado for 11 years and have been in the Phoenix area for the last five.   How long have you been coming to JSF? 7 […]

Fat Loss Contest for Cash Starting July 11th- Jeremy Scott Fitness

Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Drop a Dress and Pants Size in 20 Days!!! Looking to beat the heat and reach a new fitness goal for the summer this is it! Starts July 11th to July 30th – 50% of the prize money goes back to you guys! Last year the winning team walked away with […]

Youth Fitness Transformation – Jeremy Scott Fitness

A quick blog post today about our youth fitness programs and why we love working with these kids so much. We usually don’t post before and after photos of our youth campers for various reasons, but these guys have done such an amazing job we had to share it with you guys. The two kids […]

2012 Transformation Contest Winners – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Ok guys without further delay we are announcing the winners of the 2012 Jeremy Scott Fitness Transformation Contest!!!! This is the 2nd year we have put on this rock star event, and let me say it was very, very difficult picking the winners. So many of you put in a kick ass effort and did […]