Jeremy Scott Fitness -Wet and Wild Phoenix

Team Jeremy Scott Fitness rocking out a Sunday after training with a little fun in the sun at Wet and Wild!!!  There is nothing like taking a break on Sunday after working hard to cool off from the 110 degree weather. Work hard and play harder is our motto – push yourself each and every […]

Arizona Foothills Magazine- Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys checkout this kick ass article that TV personality and columnist Nadine Toren wrote about Team Jeremy Scott Fitness and our Bride-to-Be Programs.   Full story and link below:   Weight-Loss Secrets for Brides-to-Be – by Nadine Toren We’re entering Valley wedding season, and no doubt, you’ll want to look your best on your […]

Why Jeremy Scott Fitness is #1

Some people might read the title of this email and mistake me for being cocky, however those that really know me I am probably one of the most introverted-shy people you have ever met. However, on the same note I am confident, more confident than most in myself and our fitness business- We are the […]


For anyone who might have been under a rock the past month and missed this, here is a highlight video of some of our transformation contest members. Amazing things from people just like you, who decided one day to dedicate to a better, healthier lifestyle!!! Do you want to make a change? Contact us today and […]

Respect –

I wanted to touch on respect today and maybe not in the sense you are thinking but respect for your body, its gifts, its faults, its durability, its fragile nature………. Respect the fact you have 24 hours each day to train your ass off, there are millions of people sitting in wheel chairs or worse […]

It’s about the Finish

It’s not about where you start but where you finish in life some of us started out rich, some poor, some middle of the pack……..same goes for your health and fitness journey. Some of us start out paper thin with zero muscle mass and couldn’t gain weight good or bad to save their life, others […]

Double Trouble -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Big shout out to all the Double Trouble Boot Campers who rocked out with us today and thank you all for the amazing photo!!!! If you guys are interested in checking out Boot Camps Saturday 9am Drop-In’s are great way to see what Team Jeremy Scott Fitness is all about and for only $10 and […]