Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks Jeremy Scott Fitness

A little Thanksgiving giving thanks Jeremy Scott Fitness style….I will keep this as fitness related as possible and rattle off the Top 5 things I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for…….   1. All our clients via online, personal training, boot camp, and youth campers you guys truly do kick ass each […]

10 Training Rules to Live By – Jeremy Scott Fitness

10 Training Rules to Run your Fitness Life By – Jeremy Scott Fitness Pick up and lift heavy shit at least 2 days per week, stronger people not only tend to perform better and look like rock stars, but they are also more  useful when it comes to moving furniture. Always–question, ask, study, and try new […]

Medical Massage-Jeremy Scott Fitness

Attention all Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Members we are working with an amazing talent that will only benefit you in your corrective exercise regimen. Lisa Faure, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy and Medical Massage is offering a discount to all Team JSF Members $10 off any services, also for every referral you send you will receive […]

Holiday Survival Contest -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitness Holiday Survival Contest 2011 Objective: To get you through the tough eating time from November 11th until December 16th and avoid putting back those lbs. you worked so hard to lose!!!! Starting November 11th this Friday you must start to journal everything you eat and drink each day until December 16th –this […]

30 Day Challenge Winners – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Special Blog post today from Jim Bracy a member of our 30 day challenge winning team!! Jim his wife Jennifer and daughter Sarah won the Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 30 day challenge – dropping 34 total team lbs, 8.5 inches off their waists, and losing 15.9% of their bodyfat!!!!! They walked away with the grand […]

Truth and Lies about Core Training-

Before I even start this blog about “ABS” let me say you need to be willing to give up a few things if you really want to see results. It comes down to how bad do you want it? Every night you can turn on the T.V. and see another amazing ab machine or device […]

Nutrition the Real Sacrifice –

Many people are under the impression that getting into the gym, joining a fitness program, waking up early, training after work is the hardest part of their fitness journey. For 99% of people it’s the nutrition aspect that is the real sacrifice…that’s the real test! The nutrition is the difference between seeing marginal results to […]

Nobody Dreams of Being Average –

I have been short on time these past few weeks, busy with training clients, boot camps, youth camps, my own training the list goes on. But I wanted to touch on something real quick that I think many of us forget as we go through our lives day to day. We need to give ourselves […]

Jeremy Scott Fitness -Special Olympics AZ

Team Jeremy Scott Fitness had the opportunity this past weekend to volunteer with the Special Olympics of Arizona. We were official score keepers for their highly competitive softball tournament, it was a great event and we had an amazing time! We just want to say thanks to the Special Olympics of Arizona for putting on […]