Spartacus 1.5 Boot Camp – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Just wanted to post these quick photos of all our amazing Spartacus 1.5 Campers. You ladies killed it today, I look forward to rocking many more boot camps with you guys!!!! Anyone out there looking to take their fitness and health to another level come join these bad ass ladies during our weekly camps or […]

Boot Camps Booming……Jeremy Scott Fitness

Short and sweet today everyone………. JSF Boot Camps had a huge day today working with Living Social, it looks to be a great March and April! Reminder we also have a super Special Charity Boot Camp coming up March 19th 9am at GNG Hoops for Multiple Sclerosis  , I hope to see you all there it’s an all donation […]

3 Minute Finisher -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Tonight I filmed a little 3 minute finisher for one of my fitness buddies, Jeremy Belter or  Jeremy works in WI, close to where I grew up in MN, and he has given me a lot of help along the way in my fitness business. So if I figured I would help him out […]

Angill Before and After – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness

Nothing real fancy here today other than giving a big congratulations to one of my forever clients Angill, you can check the sick before and after pictures below.     Angill killed it you guys, she had every reason in the world to just stay average…..busy life, multiple children, military spouse, ect. Many times during […]

Have a Cheat Meal….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Real quick I wanted to touch on a question I got from an old buddy of mine Steve B! He sent me a message and asked me to touch on having a cheat meal or cheat day based on my thoughts. Honestly, I don’t subscribe to having an entire cheat day….just my philosophy…..I don’t see […]

Ask yourself…….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys real quick before the weekend comes up……..ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Am I in better or worse shape than I was 5 years ago? Then ask yourself…… 2. If I continue on the current path I am on, what shape will I be in 5 years from now? Pretty scary for some of […]

There is No Try….Jeremy Scott Fitness

If you are reading this you just took one step towards this way of life. More steps should follow… I know my destiny is a rocky path and my time has not yet come. I am on hungry with enthusiasm and doubling my efforts daily to meet the future with a purpose. You must will […]

Jeremy Scott Fitness Charity Boot Camp!!!

Just wanted to post a quick video and some photos of everyone today who came in and kicked ass for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We were able to raise over $400 today for Jonica, so she exceeded her goal!!!! Check out the video and pictures from today’s events!!! Thank you all for supporting The […]

Check your Fridge….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Another day of healthy eating and training hard…… Sometimes I give you guys a look into my training, my diet, my life, well here is one more look at the inside of my refrigerator. I have no secrets this is what I eat 99% of the time, chicken, fish, steak, veggies, eggs, cottage cheese, ect….. […]